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The Get Down… what you sayin’?

Written by on 22nd August 2016

There’s been many attempts to capture the essence of Hip Hop on film, Krush Groove, 8 Mile, Wild Style and some others did great jobs, but there hasn’t ever been anything like The Get Down!

Stylish, slick, artistic and compelling.

Accurate, while being a mile off at the same time makes this series totally entertaining (or testing) for all, whether you are a Hip Hop head or a civilian just tuning in. And what a soundtrack! Well done Nas.

6 episodes in part 1 covering the early years from 1977 and featuring Flash and Herc how we all imagined them to be.

Graffiti, B-Boying, DJing, Rapping… it’s all there, all represented brilliantly with a love story threaded though it.

We love it. And while it’s easy to pick holes in it, why would you? Why not celebrate something that is celebrating this thing you love?

Business Insider spells it out:

Netflix was right to greenlight this project with this crew, however expensive. “The Get Down” artistically rides the line between original storytelling and raw, lifelike historical narrative, and that’s refreshing to see. Like it or not, hip-hop is a culturally dominating global force. Yet still it’s Made in America, right there in the Bronx. “The Get Down” gets that just right.

See the rest of their review here.

The Guardian lets you know who’s hating on the series:

Perhaps fans are seeing something critics aren’t – or perhaps they don’t care about Luhrmann’s indulgences and slack storytelling. Or maybe they’re just blinded by the killer soundtrack. Still, we’ll have to wait for those final instalments to see if The Get Down really can boogie.

See their article here.

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