12 July 2016

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Blackpool Turntablist MONSTER rocks the mix!

One of Blackpool’s finest Scott Rogan rocked the cuts over this quality Old Skool house mix from Man on Wax. Give it a listen!

Don’t forget to pause the radio station first!

12 July 2016

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New site for An Evening With Tha Gods!

Here’s our new site, fully responsive and ready for news, reviews, releases, podcasts and events… We stream 24/7 and hold online events featuring the hottest DJs out there. When we are live the Livestream video will be on Tha Gods Radio page.


20 June 2011

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DJ Stu Allan’s Top 10 EVER Hip Hop tracks*

Stu Allan will be responsible for more cassette usage by our ‘more mature’ listeners than any other DJ we’d be willing to bet. Hours were spent every week in front of the cassette deck with a fresh D90 on Pause/Record waiting for Stu Allan to drop bombs. And for that, we salute him!

We were really chuffed when Stu agreed to give us a Top 10 EVER. Stu is an extremely active DJ and has a cult following in both Hip Hop and club fields, a feat not many DJs can pull off well. The selection was tough, but Stu selected tracks which meant a lot to him over his career… whether it’s a track which was massive in the clubs, or one which meant a lot to him personally.

Check out Stu Allan online here:


Stu has given us his top 10 EVER Hip Hop tracks, check them out:

10. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – ‘The Message’
9. Mantronix – ‘Needle To The Groove’
8. Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock – ‘It Takes Two’
7. Young MC – ‘Know How’
6. Public Enemy – ‘Public Enemy No. 1’
5. Eric B & Rakim – ‘Follow The Leader’
4. Big Daddy Kane – ‘Raw’
3. West Street Mob – ‘Break Dancin’ – Electric Boogie’
2. Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force  – ‘Looking For The Perfect Beat’
1. Malcolm McLaren & The World Famous Supreme Team – ‘Buffalo Gals’

We ran through all of these on the 8th show, 18th June 2011… Also featuring Oli Byrne and Damon Savage on the wheels!

It was a tough list for any DJ to put together but the sheer level of experience and dues paid by Stu makes this list a real treat, so we’d like to say thanks for sharing this exclusively with An Evening With Tha Gods!

14 May 2011

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DJ Too Tuff’s Top 10 Tracks EVER*

True heads know Too Tuff from the classic Tuff Crew releases. Known as the Duece Ace Detonator, Dj Too Tuff is a world renowned icon of the hip hop culture. He gained his fame in the late 80’s & early 90’s by producing the tracks and performing the legendary cuts & scratches on the Philly anthem “My Parta’ Town” the hit single from the Dangerzone album by Philadelphia’s 1st super-group: the Tuff Crew. Too Tuff’s newest release entitled Tuff Crew: Dj Too Tuff’s Lost Archives is available now worldwide and at www.tuffcrew.net as well as at local record stores and from Too Tuff himself.

Check out Too Tuff online here:



Buy Tuff Crew music here:





Too Tuff has given us his top 10 EVER tracks, check them out:

10 – ultra magnetic Mcs – Ego Trippin
9 – Wutang Gza/ 4th Chamber
8 – Krown Rulers – Kick The Ball
7 – PE – Night of the living bass heads
6 – Big Daddy Kane – Raw
5 – BDP Poetry
4 – NWA – hundred miles and running
3 – Just Ice – cold getting dumb
2 – Eric B and Rakim – Follow The Leader
1 – Tuff Crew – My Part Of Town

Honorable mentions…

Masters Of Ceremony – Dynamite
Smiff n Wesson – Partners in Crime
Raekwon – Incarcerated Scarfaces
B.D.K – Just Rhymin wiv biz

It’s s great list laced with true classics, much respect to Too Tuff for sharing this exclusively with An Evening With Tha Gods!

17 April 2011

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Morgan Khan’s Top 10 Tracks EVER*

We all know Morgan Khan… a music mogul and entrepreneur well-known in the UK during the 1980s. He played a large part in making various genres of urban music more accessible to UK consumers of Black and urban music after his founding of the iconic StreetSounds record label.

Morgan gave us some classic albums back in the days which figure in all our past hip hop and b-boy adventures. And still do to this day.

After a quiet spell, Morgan came back with brand new Electro from new and established artists and you should check the albums out on iTunes to see what you’re missing –http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/street-sounds-nu-electro-vol/id388840609 and there’s volume 1 and 2 out there and a volume 4 almost ready to drop.

We asked Morgan for his Top 10 EVER tracks, but he had to heavily disclaimer it – ‘this changes daily, and it’s just from the first series, if I included the latest ‘Nu Electro’ series it may well be different again!’ but hey, it’s a great top 10 and probably features most of the tracks we’d all select if pushed to choose a top 10 Electro tracks line-up.

One other point Morgan made was they were in no particular order too!

1. Newcleus – “Jam On Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song)”
2. Captain Rock – “The Return Of Captain Rock”
3. The B Boys – “Two Three Break”
4. Grandmaster Flash – “The Message”
5. Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force “Planet Rock”
6. Mantronix – “Ladies”
7. Sugarhill Gang – “Rappers Delight”
8. Herbie Hancock – “Rockit”
9. Hashim – “Al Naffiysh”
10. Egyptian Lover – “Egypt Egypt”

Great collection of tracks, and a pleasure to mix them up, like we did at the end of the 6th Portion of An Evening With Tha Gods!

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