Chaundon’s Top 10 Tracks EVER*

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Some of you may know Chaundon, if you don’t you should… He’s down with the Justus League and has a string of worthy hits you should track down. He’s been rapping since he was 13 and in now one of the industry’s ones to watch! Most importantly his latest album is out there, you can cop ‘No Excuses’ here http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/no-excuses/id395039881.

Chaundon gave us his Top 10 Tracks EVER list and we’ll be featuring them on an up and coming An Evening With Tha Gods soon!

1. Don’t stop til you get enough-MJ

2. Purple Rain-Prince

3. Halftime-Nas

4. Treat em right-Chubb Rock

5. Unbelievable-B.I.G

6. No Excuses-Chaundon

7. Rhythm of the night-El de Barge

8. Before I let go- Frankie Beverly & Maze

9. All night long-Mary Jane Girls

10. Mary Jane-Rick James

It’s a great mix of classics and quality music, and we’ll excuse him dropping one of his own in there. Check out his album and see why!

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