17 July 2016

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Happy Birthday to Guru

July 17th was Guru’s Birthday, many people’s top 10 rapper, one half of many peoples top 10 Hip Hop group Gang Starr. Hip Hop Royalty NO DOUBT!

Keith Edward Elam Worked with the best of them, Jeru, Nujabes, M.O.P., Big L to name just a few. His solo projects Jazzmatazz 1, 2 & 3 make for great easy listening when a bit of Jazz is required.

April 19, 2010 was the day Guru passed away after a cardiac arrest resulting in him falling into a coma, he was 48 and Cancer was again the cruel taker of life but his monotone flow and lyrical genius still blesses everyone’s playlists to this day and beyond. Timeless creativity was the product of DJ Premier and Guru, and they delivered it in bucket loads.

What we wouldn’t give to wish him Happy Birthday in person once again. RIP Guru.

Here’s 6 of our favourite’s feel free you add yours in the comments.


15 July 2016

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France needs a break

France is getting battered by angry demonstrations, police brutality and terrorist attacks. The country must be at it’s wits-end. Our thoughts go out to everyone who suffered in the horrific attack last night.

It took terrorism to a new level, demonstrating the terrorists don’t even need guns or bombs anymore, just a fucked up mentality and a (probably) fake drivers licence.

All we can do here is highlight to the world how important France is to our culture. Since day one France has been the second largest hip hop community out there. It all started early on with HIPHOPaired, their earlier version of Yo! MTV Raps.

In the mid-90’s things got even stronger, this was thanks to the influence of Mathieu Kassovitz’s film, La Haine, which is essentially a French Do The Right Thing and its fresh hip-hop soundtrack included pioneering groups such as Assassin and NTM.

The French hip hop scene is still booming today, especially in Paris, which has a dope underground scene and where most of the country’s prominent rappers come from.

Here’s a selection of the best in French Hip Hop.


13 July 2016

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25 Years and nothing much has changed

It’s 25 years since John Singleton gave us Boyz N the Hood. An Oscar nominated film marking a cinematic and cultural shift in the early 1990s where this movie particularly helped Hollywood shed it’s rose-tinted glasses and show us the real stuff.

A number of hip hop artists (Ice Cube, DJ Pooh, etc) appeared in the introspective which still sadly isn’t far off the mark for youngsters growing up in underprivileged areas today, the #BlackLivesMatter movement clearly demonstrates this sad fact.

No doubt you are reading this a seasoned Boyz N the Hood vet, but if you haven’t experienced what some of us feel was the first movie to show us what life was like in South Central LA check out the official trailer below and make sure you put it on your watch list.


12 July 2016

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Blackpool Turntablist MONSTER rocks the mix!

One of Blackpool’s finest Scott Rogan rocked the cuts over this quality Old Skool house mix from Man on Wax. Give it a listen!

Don’t forget to pause the radio station first!

12 July 2016

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New site for An Evening With Tha Gods!

Here’s our new site, fully responsive and ready for news, reviews, releases, podcasts and events… We stream 24/7 and hold online events featuring the hottest DJs out there. When we are live the Livestream video will be on Tha Gods Radio page.


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