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27th September 2016

Today we’ve started the next phase in the stations strategy. We have invested heavily in a 10,000 capable streaming service, at 192 Kbps quality where most online stations are happy with 128 Kbps. We can include DJ’s from around the world and are in the process of managing a schedule from over 40 DJ’s who […]

If you haven’t heard of Roots Forward you need to get onto their online shop for the rare old school classic re-releases. Currently on sale is a 7″ re-release of Kick The Ball by Krown Rulers. There’s only 100 copies available in each of the two colours. Check out their other releases too. These […]

Stop the player!!!

There’s been many attempts to capture the essence of Hip Hop on film, Krush Groove, 8 Mile, Wild Style and some others did great jobs, but there hasn’t ever been anything like The Get Down! Stylish, slick, artistic and compelling. Accurate, while being a mile off at the same time makes this series totally entertaining (or testing) […]


19th July 2016

Some of you may know we are also owners of a music sharing site called CloudDJ. It’s a simple alternative to Soundcloud and Mixcloud, etc with much lower fees and lots of space for your mixes and productions. There is a free account which allows you 350Mb file sizes and a 2Gb capacity. The PRO […]